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Regardless of our personal uncertainties, private thoughts of impossibilities and endless questions arising, we choose to self-discipline our minds, rise above our emotions and feelings and always focus only on Jesus because that is the only way we can privately dance with Him, in abandoned celebration of what we know is there, but is not quite here. It is that particular thing that you can always see from a distance, or even the whispering promise that has periodically risen from deep within you. The tune? It is the sweet victory we hear that is not yet here. And the dance? Well that is specifically and intimately fueled by the Holy Spirit. What is happening in the depths behind the worship? Well, as your praises privately ring, you are actually speaking into existence that which your Abba is intently handing you. It is through an obedience to Him that has specifically positioned you, and has allowed Him to strip and mold you, along with strategically nourishing your spiritual eyes to see the clear-cut coming of a renewal in abundance as it is manifested into our physical world. The abundance which will physically rebuild over the destruction and breathe new life into that which was dormant, or destroyed. So lift your arms up high and crave alone time with Jesus, making that your priority. Only the Holy Spirit can intently fuel your passion for Christ where nothing is wasted and all is specifically treasured and gathered by your Abba, our Father which is in Heaven!  He is the Creator of all things, and there is pure beauty in experiencing the Riches of His Glory!