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May you, privately, desire to be more aware of Jesus than anything else, only then can you receive what our long-suffering Abba deeply and strongly desires to gift you with. When we focus on Jesus, we go through multiple processes of growth and maturity in Him, and as He deeply cleanses us, while we obediently do what the Holy Spirit is encouraging us to do, there are certain strategic safeguards put in place to further protect that which was already cleansed, dealt with, and healed. Don’t fall into the trap of having to be more aware of an illness, sickness, the enemy, the problems, the issues, or anything else of this world in order to obtain victory over something. All we really need to be aware of?  Jesus, our Shepherd, for only He can intimately guide us and protect us through this world, because we are eternal beings not of this world, but instead, we belong to our Creator, the Great I Am, and only He knows what we need to know and do in each moment of the day and night. Praise Jesus! Remember, our Abba meets, heals, and nourishes His children through each growth while we remain firmly rooted and grounded in Him, our Creator!