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As each day goes by may you find yourself in awe, because you can clearly see the Divine changes wrought privately, from deep within you. Confidently we say, “I thought I heard, now I hear. I thought I saw, now I see. I thought I felt, now I feel. I thought I spoke, now I speak. I thought I was headed towards victory. Now? I am living in victory despite what is all around me in the flesh because I actively live with Jesus as reigning Lord.” The power to move mountains, the power to slay the wicked, the power to speak that which your Abba wants manifested in the flesh, and the power to confidently stand as a child of the Most High God can only come from Jesus as His Sacrificial Blood fully coats us and as the Holy Spirit empowers you to do so. When you make Him and His relationship with you a priority and you seek Him over all others that is the only way to hear that which needs heard, see that which needs seen, and speak that which needs spoken. We are victorious not because of what may or may not happen in the flesh, but only because we crave to be fully united and rooted to our limitless Creator even as we physically dwell in this limited world.