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Our obedience to the Lord allows His protection over us to physically strengthen. Only He knows where we need to be, what we need to eat, what we need to reject, what we need to read, what we need to speak, how we need to stand, and when we need to move within each moment of a day or night. And it doesn’t matter that others will disagree or struggle to understand, because we follow Jesus and no one else. He will heal that which needs healed, strengthen that which needs strengthened, weed out of our lives that which needs weeded out, and empower us to move intimately forward with Him. There is a depth of meaning in all things, and what may appear insignificant in the flesh can be pivotal in the spirit. And likewise, what may appear overwhelming in the flesh can be a simple fix in the spirit. Often times the answers and solutions are hidden within those profound, tiny details. There is a depth to all things and only the Holy Spirit can instruct us in it while Jesus actively coats us with His cleansing, healing Flow.