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No matter what we deal with in the flesh, no matter the heartache that causes our hearts to bleed, or our minds to battle over questions and doubts, or our emotions and feelings to be tried, stripped and honed, our Abba’s Light of Victory will always shine through as we intimately cling to Jesus. Because that is when the miraculous moments, beyond the flesh, begin to happen as the Holy Spirit intimately encourages us, whispers to us, guides us, and delivers the most amazing thing of all: Our Abba’s depth defining, all-encompassing, all-consuming love He specifically has for each of us, individually. We are all uniquely and wonderfully made, and do you know what becomes an even more amazing miracle? The healing deeply experienced when you realize it is okay to physically see the destruction, or to intimately become frustrated, and feel the intensity of the pain and consequences of physically living in this limited world because our El Shaddai is our Sole-provider, and He is not of this world, but He is the Alpha and Omega, and only He can fully sustain us. He is the Creator of all things and His victory is not limited by the limits He has placed on the flesh; there is way more than what we physically see, which is stronger and way more victorious and much more important. We live in this limited time, a time specific for us, which serves one powerful and amazing purpose, to privately draw us closer to our Lord while we actively agree to live under His reign. That is when you intimately learn: the lies are there for us to realize we want truth, the facts are there for us to recognize we want His Truth, the pain is there for us to realize His healing presence, the emotions and feelings are there for us to be able to recognize His healing embrace, the uncomfortable moments are there for us to be able to recognize His comforting authority, the uncertainties are there for us to be able to recognize His narrow path leading us above the circumstances and issues of the flesh, the limits are there for us to be able to recognize that our Abba, the Great I Am, alone, is limitless and the Creator of all things, and the whispering questions and doubts we mentally battle are there for us to be able to recognize that there is more, which reminds us to not limit His results to that of what we can physically see as a success in the flesh. So when the moments turn hard, when the moments turn painful, when the moments look so uncertain, or if those moments become something out of a nightmare, may you refuse to faint, but instead aggressively desire to be more aware of Jesus than anything else. The Holy Spirit will feed you the nourishment, which will fuel the right fire, our Abba’s all-consuming Flame. Remember, Jesus is all you truly need, and our Abba’s Light of Victory will always shine through!