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God is greater than all things, but every day life and moment by moment destruction would like to show you differently. God is infinite, He, our Loving Father, is unchanging and the Creator of all things! It is your choice to change who you are more aware of: the destruction? or the abundant renewal?  Moment by moment, choosing to be more aware of Jesus than anything else, begins and continues as you reach out to Him deeply within, continuously. This causes your focus to remain fixed on the Mystery of the Gospel and it nourishes an actively thriving relationship with your Savior. Step by step, moment by moment, the pebbles are cleansed and even new pebbles do not stand a chance against His Sacrificial Cleansing Flow, while you step forward and go about your every day life here on earth. This protects you against the stumbling blocks and dangers not easily known which can dangerously “pull you in,” and get you all wrapped up in the cares and problems of day to day life on earth.  There are distinct measures, known only to Abba, that are used with a Divine precision that opens up all forms and degrees of communication with Him, which then secures your life in ways you may never even realize you need, and in ways only He, your Creator, knows. Clinging to Jesus means you let go of all things but Him, it is an active step, an active move, an active thought, an active decision, and more importantly, it is an active step opening you up to humbly receiving His Divine sustenance. Thoughts may still run rampant in your mind, negativity will still strike, sadness will penetrate, and discouragement will show itself, but as you make it a point to do all you can to focus more on Him than anything else, you will be amazed at how the noise lessens, the overwhelming issues weaken, the stumbling boulders become simple pebbles, and the harsh sadness becomes a miraculous, active healing step towards His joy, all the while surrounding you in His peace. And each moment becomes easier, each breath smoother, and each beating of your heart sweeter, even as the world around you deteriorates, because your gaze is fixed only on He, who through all things needed and desired flows! Praise Jesus, only our Abba, the Great I Am, can perfectly sustain us and prepare us for an eternity with Him!