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Our deepening relationship with Jesus reveals the miraculous change in our understanding. We no longer rely on what we know, what we learn, or what we think we need to find out. Our minds become less engaged with the world and more attuned to our Savior, as the Holy Spirit interprets and “shows” us what we need to truly see. What is happening is that we are relying more profoundly on our Creator, and less on our physical world. We are deeply learning there is always a depth to all things, and that depth is intimately known only to our Abba, the Great I Am. As our determination stays fixated on only wanting Jesus, we intimately begin to actually see how open, continuous and active prayer is. It is a private, life-giving opening to a communication our Lord unfailingly secures and monitors, and an environment where He specifically builds and strengthens our trust, intimately nourishing our faith in ways beyond our limited minds.