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Our minds, feelings and emotions, and even our bodies dislike rough or uncertain experiences. But our spirits? Well, they thrive in them, because our dependency on Jesus is nourished, our spiritual eyes are strengthened, and our minds are slowly healed by the Divine knowledge released through the experience. Those dreaded experiences begin to show themselves as the much needed warrior-in-Christ training exercises we need to experience and gain His confidence in, in order to build our faith and trust more soundly in Abba. And they also uncover a depth of Divine healing strategically used to intimately show you and remind you, God is greater than all things, most especially yours and other people’s wrong free-will choices. As the Holy Spirit profoundly secures us, each experience, either good or bad, will always reveal our Savior’s conquering victory and the Truth we need to know and understand. The limitless depth of our Abba’s love for us is also uncovered, because through each bad experience our spiritual ears and eyes are uniquely opened up and we realize, in the flesh: only God is good, the very Breath of Himself intimately sustains us, and we already have the only thing we really need~ our Jesus!