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Limitations of the flesh, the day in and day out decaying reality we deal with, and the ever-changing physical world around us strategically works to incessantly strip us so our spiritual eyes can clearly open as our physical eyes are closed. Only then can we truly and more intimately see the profound existence of our Creator’s depth defining, earth shattering love specifically directed to each of us; that profound richness of His Glory! As we actively live moment by moment in Jesus, the Holy Spirit is able to heal our thinking pattern, renew our priorities, and sanctify our moments. It is those precious, sometimes very painful, eye-opening moments when we privately learn that the only thing we can rely on and trust in is our limitless, never changing Creator. Trusting in God’s love closes our limited perceptions and opens us up to expecting limitless results because we personally realize how little we really know. That triggers our reliance to shift to rely more on spiritual happenings, our trust to shift to trusting more on what our Abba says, and our minds to shift to rely only on what Jesus says. Only our Shepherd can effectively guide us into His resurrected victory, all the while strengthening our relationship with Abba, and nourishing our faith as the Holy Spirit personally secures us. A richness, only our Creator can provide!