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You have grown up hearing it, you think you know it, but slowly digest it by taking a moment to truly think about it:  God’s Love, God is Love. He, the Great I Am, is the root of all things. He is our Creator, and He wants us nourished by His love. In other words, He wants us nourished specifically by Him. Because He is Who He is, He lovingly provided the Ultimate Sacrifice, which reveals a depth of Who He is in the simplicity and profound way it was foretold and subsequently fulfilled. It is not a once and done sacrifice, but it is a continuous, living coating that is always in motion and flowing, always cleansing and healing while we look to Jesus and we choose to intimately live under His reign. We are weak, imperfect and every single person is. And because of this, we are only able to receive our Abba’s nourishment and sustenance because of the Sacrificial Blood of the Lamb. Jesus, alone, makes us righteous, “right standing before God,” and only by His Covering is our Abba able to truly gaze upon us. Yes, He is that amazing, perfect, and all-powerful, and He passionately desires to be able to intimately nourish us that much. Jesus’ Loving, active Coating allows us to step forward in confidence, to be full and whole, and to grow and move on from the boulder of imperfection, which often sidelines a lot of Christians. Do not get stuck on the threshold of the revelation of how imperfect you are, or how weak you are, or unworthy you are. You are worthy, only because of Jesus’ presence who reveals who you truly are, a child of the Most High God! The existence of knowing about your imperfections serves the purpose of showing you just how desperately and continuously you need Jesus in order to live. And so, as you faithfully follow Jesus over that threshold, knowing you are whole and well only because of Him, you step forward under His reign. And under His reign, as we read the Holy Bible with the Holy Spirit, pure Truth begins to be instilled within our minds, and we profoundly realize that our Abba vulnerably opens Himself up, shares His Word and Wisdom and reveals to us the ending from the beginning. Clearly showing us the absurdity of even choosing to turn to the fear, worry, uncertainties, or doubt when we are attacked by it. It makes no sense, and we realize no, it is no longer “normal” for us to turn away from Jesus and turn towards all things that do not line up with Abba’s Word. The miraculous, living depth of God’s Love, there is no greater Love, it is Him, the Great I Am!