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We do nothing of ourselves, we are created beings who choose to be attuned to our Creator. Our deepening relationship with Jesus has revealed how He actively reigns within us while our Abba’s communicative Spirit is always vigilant. When we say we cling to Jesus, we have realized just how active and alive that statement is, it is no longer a one-sided prayer but an open and active line of communication. We are continuously cleansed and healed by the Blood of the Lamb, while the Great I Am’s intimate Spirit breathes for us, intimately comforting and guiding us through each encounter. Through our Abba’s unconditional love, we know the ending from the beginning. And it is ALL about Him and His Victory, so we no longer need to experience the results we “think” we need, we “think” we want, or we “think” we should be experiencing in our time-frame, in order to know that our Jesus is helping us. And despite the results of each issue, problem, or situation we encounter, it is the value and importance of the moment, where we are more aware of Him than anything else while we actively converse with Him, that far outweighs the visual result, either considered successful or not by our weak, limited “human” minds. Being more aware of Jesus than anything else is a unique trait and ability that reveals another aspect of how omnipotent (all-powerful), omnipresent (all-present) and omniscient (all-knowing) our Creator is! Each moment is always successful, because with Jesus’ active reign, the inner environment of our living temples have radically changed and in the twinkling of a sacrificed moment: a sin is cleansed, a miracle is nurtured, weakness is strengthened, loneliness is eradicated, power is released and manifested through our lips as the Holy Spirit inspires us, a Truth is revealed, chaos is calmed, peace is sustained, God’s will is done, and another depth of Abba is known! Because of Jesus’ meticulous implementation of His active reign within our bodies, these are just a small amount of the beautiful results of another pure, whole, and sacrificed moment in Him! Praise Jesus!