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The profound and precise attention to detail and timing, the inner peace, the feeding strength, the soft encouragement, the enriching nourishment, and all of the other private gifts you have personally received through your intimate experiences with Jesus is not meant to just help you through the moment, but it is also instrumental in helping you in limitless ways. Each struggle and issue are experiences which reveal a whole new insight into the very real truth that Abba loves us more than anyone else ever could, and it sharpens our focus towards being able to see and understand an important truth: only He knows our inner struggles, our inner thoughts, and our needs, more so than what we know about ourselves. There is a danger of placing your struggles under a label, or rationalizing them away, or listing them under other “normal” conditions or similar things, or worse yet, claiming that “it could be worse.” Because when that happens, you begin to start undervaluing the victory over each individual struggle you encounter, tiny ones or big ones; and in-turn you begin to undervalue yourself, and more importantly undervalue the Lord’s Hand intimately involved in your life, which can then undervalue the unity between you and the Lord. What we deal with matters to our Abba, and each individual issue and struggle not only plays an important role in allowing us to miraculously experience the manifestation of our Lord’s active Hand involved in our life, but it also is a new opportunity to be passionately refined by Abba’s loving, refining fire. Only our Creator can refine us through the experiences, producing a beautiful, devoted and faithful child full of His love, safeguarded by the Holy Spirit and united with Jesus.