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Have you ever been at the point where everything around you painfully and uncomfortably pressed in, centering on one narrow thing that the Lord has specifically led you to? You are at the threshold of a major change, and you may have even been there waiting for a while now. It is a physical victory profoundly needed, deeply felt, but still frustratingly, a thread out of reach. You can actually see it, and feel it, but it is still not being fully manifested, and it wrongly seems you are at the mercy of others, their decisions, their choices or their moves. However, you deeply know that is wrong limited thinking. Regardless of what your physical mind presses you to consider, you have experienced enough to know there is way more involved than what you can see. And even through the multiple times where your inner frustrations seem to be taking a joy ride on a roller-coaster, going up and down, what you physically endure reaches a point where it no longer really matters because you will continue to use the authority the Lord has gifted you with by calling your mind to rest and demanding that it only looks to Jesus. Your Abba loves you more than you could ever even realize, and Divine victory is really only a moment away. Abba is very thorough, and being under His limitless reign requires us to no longer be held back by time constraints, and with strategic safeguards implemented into the physical victory, it will come to pass and you will be set completely free while your physical eyes and mind will be healed from seeing and thinking your time is running out. Hallelujah, what a Savior!