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Sometimes we go through moments where our feelings and emotions are not “feeling it,” nor are we able to actually wrap our minds around what may be possibly opening up before us, which calls us to remain silent in Jesus, concentrating only on our Savior. I can’t say that during these times there is a certain amount of uncertainty there, instead it is an almost indescribable feeling and is based more on what we have learned through the many trials and struggles we have gone through with Him. Those times have specifically taught us that what we want, or what we think will happen, really doesn’t matter. Instead, the only thing that truly matters is that the Great I Am, our Creator and Abba, will personally unveil His will, along with knowledge and wisdom to us through the Holy Spirit as we need to know it while our Shepherd privately leads us. Our Jesus intimately reigns within these living temples of Abba’s now, and so, well, we have already been deeply cleansed and healed from following our emotions and feelings. We automatically are certain that our Shepherd will heal those emotions and feelings as He needs to. Yes, the explanation or description of how we are feeling, or what we may soon be encountering is unable to be truly explained, nor fully understood, but that is more than okay with us because we know where we spiritually reside. At this time, all we may even be able to correctly understand is that we are currently resting and quietly waiting within our Shepherd’s embrace. It is a most precious time for us because He is privately showing us and reminding us that we are only ever moving forward now in His strength, and no longer in ours. We reside within His Lavish Wholeness, and we can obediently move forward and fondly look back as it being a season like no other only because our Abba has devised it to be so. It has been a season already sealed and healed in His victory and the Holy Spirit is lovingly revealing another new one right before our very eyes. He sees the ending from the beginning and remember, it is even revealed within the Holy Bible. A profound Divine safeguard already fully established right before our very eyes.