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Our Abba’s Holy Word has taught us to, first and foremost, turn to Him. Calling us to do things not by ourselves, nor of ourselves, but only ever through Him, by Him and in Him. Over time the Holy Spirit has taught us how our actions have become a unique offering in and of themselves, and through all we have been through, both good and bad, pleasant and uncomfortable, shockingly sweet and horrifyingly acidic, we have learned there really is only one way to turn: towards Him, our Savior, deep within us. And amazingly, each and every small step we have made has developed into something miraculous, teaching us another dimension of our Creator. We turn to Him exclusively, doing our part in nourishing our relationship with Him. And it is a relationship we have intimately learned that actually needs the Holy Spirit to breathe for us as Abba draws us in deeper within His Protective Embrace. Being more aware of Jesus than anything else allows us to see how moment by moment, our Actively Reigning King forgives, cleanses, restores, and places each and every thing actively under His Healing reign. Our next step is already sealed within His victory, because we actively reside in Him and experience life fully under His Healing reign!