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Have you ever thought about the importance and power involved with the very simple act of fellow-shipping with one another? We each, individually, have a very unique relationship with Abba and no relationship with Him is the same. As we privately interact with Him, we are nurtured, cleansed, healed, refreshed, and even taught on His ways. Now, each of these experiences are very detail-oriented and exclusively personal, and once we begin to interact with one another, as our Shepherd guides us to, it can become a very profound, enlightening experience. What He may reveal to one person, He may be holding back from another in order for our personal, intimate relationship with Him to shine through, as well as nourish and build our confidence, which is solely based within Him. These encounters with other people may be a very brief meeting with only a few words in greeting, to days, weeks to even years and decades in the making. But one thing is certainly clear, the length of time involved in these relationships is unable to dictate the amount of His healing, nourishing and victorious presence received through our fellowship with them. As the Holy Spirit instructs us through each and every encounter, we begin to realize that each and every relationship is very important in many profound ways, and there will be times when Jesus guides us to say “goodbye” to one friend, and say “hello” to another, or even to sustain the relationships we are to keep for the duration of our stay on earth. However, these changes need to be directed by Jesus and accepted by us, which requires us to actively self-discipline ourselves and implement self-control within our minds. Yes, there are endless reasons why some relationships end and others begin. Some of the reasons may be in order to guide us over a new threshold in our lives, or to close the door on an old one which has already been sealed and healed in His victory. The reasons are not designed to be the stumbling blocks, nor pebbles thrown in our way, but we must not allow our minds to firmly lock-in on having a “need to know,” nor to have an already made descriptive explanation to share with the other person. Remember 2 Corinthians 12:9, ‘And He said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.’  Yes, sometimes trying to find the “right words” to know and say can become an infirmity, even a sickness. But one thing should always be very clear and important to learn and know regarding the reasons why: each and every relationship is molded, blended and interwoven into a very uniquely amazing experience through His personal touch when we each, individually, choose to only allow Jesus to reign within our lives. Jesus must be Lord of each and every one of our relationships, and our relationship with Him should always be our priority because only then can we continue to move, act, respond, and wait as our reigning King intimately guides us to.