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Going through the process of being established as an overcomer was a long, rough, but achingly sweet journey through the valley with the bends, roadblocks, sharp corners and slightly hilly spots where He allowed us to understand that what we were frustratingly experiencing was temporary. And we have overcome so many different hardships. The thoughts, the threats, the pounding doubts, and yes, we defeated them as the Holy Spirit had instructed us to. However, as Jesus physically positioned us on the mountaintop, there were certain issues or thoughts that began to creep in from time to time within our minds. But this time it is shockingly different. Our first thought may have been one of confusion, wondering why we are experiencing these same issues we have already defeated, which then threatened a new doubt to creep in. Although we thought to never have to deal with them again, there is no denying that they are there, actively present, and this led us to quickly turn to Jesus within. Because our relationship with Jesus has deepened, we are able to understand as the Holy Spirit reveals these issues even more to us. He reminds us how these same issues or thoughts, that were once raging arrows and daggers thrusting deep within us, are now just subtle, nagging stings sporadically attacking us. As He leads us into a deeper understanding of them, we learn that these issues still have the same effect the horrifying daggers once did because they are nuisances meant to threaten our peace, joy, and confidence in our Shepherd. Although the same passionate actions and responses we had used to respond to those harsh arrows and daggers are still required, their effects on us have dimmed because of the protective layer surrounding us as the Holy Spirit continues to breathe new life into us while we firmly remain right behind Jesus. Sure they are smaller nuisances, but in actuality, they are still, mind-boggling, horrific attacks. The other difference? Our healing vision, which is a richness of His glory. We are beginning to see attacks as they truly are: tiny pebbles of dust, unable to even graze the Great I Am, the Creator of all things!