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What a miraculous change! We now stand taller in His confidence as each flash of an issue, trial, uncertainty, struggle, heartbreak, or hardship rise because we know each moment will always result in His reigning, victorious outcome despite what it may appear to be in the flesh. We have finally realized that the outward, physical outcome is something we should not strive to see, which encourages our confidence to no longer sway to embrace what we want or think should happen. Instead, we actively embrace King Jesus and deeply desire Abba’s truth to always supervene. It is under our free-will choice to actively self-control our minds that we are able to thrive under His reign in every situation because this allows the Holy Spirit to diligently fortify and redirect our thoughts. As a result, our outlook no longer stops to things in the flesh, and there is no longer an ending, but instead there is a continuation in, through, and with Abba, the Great I Am. Dwelling on this side of King Jesus’ victory also reminds us that it was during those specifically hard times, where our outer world got smaller and pushed us within ourselves where we became centered only on King Jesus abiding within us, that our relationship with Him deepened, which allowed Him to heal, restore and nourish our inner vision. A vision that intimately shows us how the final, physical outcome, whatever it may be, no longer holds us captive and it no longer dictates, nor changes our environments by robbing us of His Divine peace currently active and thriving in this moment, which is an active part of His presence. Instead, within each moment that it is needed, we will become desensitized to the flesh and more sensitive to Him as our hearts remind our minds that His victorious outcome is definite. His victorious outcome? That we will be even closer to Him than we were each moment before as our feet are mentally, physically, and spiritually planted in Abba’s reigning truth directly behind our Shepherd’s.